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+ With the continuous development of Best, our demand for talents is also growing. We regard employees as the company's most valuable wealth and are willing to absorb the best and most potential talents in the world. We hope that every employee can get a good development in the company. It is our commitment to our employees to provide broad development space for talents. Welcome to grow up with Best.


All posts are valid from January 31, 2019 to the present

1、Technical Reserve (Engineering and Technology Department) 2-3 persons

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical manufacturing and related science and engineering;

2. Love the machinery manufacturing industry, good at learning and summarizing analysis;

3. Work conscientiously, carefully and responsibly, and be able to concentrate on learning technology;

4. Good working attitude and team spirit;

5. Senior workers and technicians through CNC lathes or processing centers are preferred.

6. Excellent past graduates may relax their conditions appropriately.

2、Mechanical Designer (Intelligent Equipment Technology Department) 3 Persons

Job requirements:

1, 26-45 years old, Bachelor degree, major in mechanical engineering, 5 years or more experience in mechanical design;

2. Be proficient in using three-dimensional design software, such as Solidworks, UG, AutoCAD, etc.

3. Teamwork spirit;

4. Be willing to study hard and work hard to adapt to overtime work.

5. Ability to travel frequently;

6. Strong hands-on ability and independent working ability;


1. Engaged in professional fixture design and industrial automation mechanical structure design (including truss robots, joint robots, rollers, feeding, etc.);

2. Responsible for product installation, commissioning and customer site technical support;

3. Complete other temporary tasks arranged by the leadership.


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